Maintaining and improving your ranking in a Google search is the diet & exercise of Digital Marketing.

It never ends, it’s a lot of hard work, but your business is going to be so much more profitable because of it.


What’s Your SEO Score?

    What’s Your SEO Score?

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    Proven Expertise

    My name is Douglas Yuschalk, owner of SEO Secret Sauce, LLC. I’ve been immersed in SEO since 1994 and have made a quite successful living from ranking and selling websites and helping others around the world rank and sell their sites.

    I’m a data – oriented SEO and base all of my techniques off of actual test results performed in-house at SEO Secret Sauce.

    Owning a fleet of ranking websites, a massive backlink network, and having access to hordes of data, I have the advantage of being able to see what is working effectively in today’s SEO environment based on real data, not speculation.

    I’ve tried pretty much every tactic known to SEOs and I’m constantly testing new ones. I know what works based on data and experience, not speculation.

    From my experience offering SEO coaching and consultations, the most common issue that is holding people back from ranking is: onsite SEO.

    You can have the best links on the planet pointed to your site, but if you’re not up to speed on what should be happening on page, then you’ll be perpetually trapped on page 2 or worse.

    Think of it like this. Winning in SEO is like winning a car race. Your onsite SEO is your car and the links are the gas you put in it. If you don’t build a good car, it’s simply not going to go anywhere despite the gas you put in it.


    Google My Business Services

    GMB is where you need to begin if you want to rank highly in Local Search.

    Google My Business signals are grouped as the most important factor when it comes to Local 3-Pack ranking. GMB signals are the most important ranking factor (over 25%) when it comes to Local Pack/Finder Ranking Factors.

    The first thing you should cover (and arguably the most important one) is to ensure that your GMB listing is verified. This step is extremely simple – you simply need to visit this link and add or claim your business on Google Maps.

    While Google Maps ranking used to be based on such things as proximity and industry categories, Google now includes other factors into its ranking algorithm.

    This is actually good news for small and medium sized businesses whose listings otherwise will be overshadowed by large corporations and chain companies.

    BUT, you have to know EXACTLY what to do and HOW to increase your ranking and market your business better on Google Maps.

    With competition so fierce; with every business wanting the top 3 spots, with SEO firms fighting for the 3-Pack like hungry wolves, the new #1 secret weapon is…NEIGHBORHOODS!


    Neighborhood Maps

    For any local Las Vegas business, the biggest challenge is getting found…getting ‘Discovered’.

    Word Of Mouth may drive business, but it’s being found in local search that really makes the dollar difference.

    Being on Page One in Google (especially the “3 Pack”) is EVERYTHING.

    Its become the equivalent of giant billboards up and down the highway, full page ads in the biggest newspapers and TV commercials around the clock!

    Google wants to help small businesses get found online and this is their best avenue for giving those businesses online attention.

    The local 3-Pack can show up as a result of searching something in a specific location with or without adding keywords like “near me” in search queries.

    The secret that only 1 in 100 businesses know is, ranking for neighborhoods (the RIGHT Neighborhoods) done the RIGHT way, can help you leapfrog over other search results..and land you in the 3-Pack. Yes, it really works.

    Businesses do not know about this secret “insider strategy”, so with the competition the way it is today, no 3-Pack listing for them.

    My SEO team of professionals has studied this “Neighborhood Approach” for the 3-Pack and developed a system that gets predictable results.


    Citation Backlinks

    What is a Citation?
    A citation is essentially an online reference of the name, address and phone number for a local business.

    A local citation is any combination of the company name, phone number, address, zip or postal code and web address.

    Keep in mind that not all items need to be included and the items can appear in any given order in order for the item to be considered a citation.

    Why are citations so important? – There’s more to them than helping Internet users discover local businesses in their area.

    It’s because citations are instrumental in impacting local search engine ranking results. This is precisely why a lot of businesses are jumping through hoops to manage their citations and ensure data accuracy.

    The consistency of structured citations is widely recognized as the 4th most important local ranking factor.


    Video Promotion

    Developing and Optimizing a YouTube Channel is one of the most effective sales/marketing channels available.

    Few marketers know how to get a YouTube Video ranked on the first page of search like I do. It’s just another one of my forte’ skills.

    Most people would rather watch a video than read text. In fact, all over the globe, people spend more than 8 billion hours watching online videos every month. That’s equivalent to almost 90 minutes for each person in the planet.

    Embedding your YouTube videos on your website is an enormous ranking booster to both your site and video channel.

    YouTube is owned by Google and they promote their own product over any other. So, if you’re optimized with embeds and an optimized YouTube Channel, you’re already ten steps ahead of your competition.

    In fact, YouTube is the second most used search engine behind only Google.


    Website Analysis

    An SEO analysis is a tool for people to study how they might improve a given website’s ranking on search engines like Google.

    With an SEO analysis, you can find what aspects of your SEO strategy are working and what your biggest obstacles are that are preventing you from improving your site ranking.

    To put it simply, an SEO analysis is a must for you to rank higher, expand your reach, drive traffic, and hit your business objectives. With an analysis, you’re not taking shots in the dark; you’re making a plan with strategic decisions, which reduces time and resources spent.

    Without a thorough SEO analysis of your site, it’s pretty much impossible to make informed decisions for improving your site’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

    Where SEO analysis gets complicated is in the breadth and depth of data and tools that are available.

    Competition is fierce for first page rankings, but we are consistently more fierce at achieving them.

    Our End Goal is a 1st Page Ranking in Search

    The “Snack Pack” is ultimately where you want to be! We have secret and clever systems to help you achieve just that.

    SEO is a popularity contest judged by increasingly smart algorithms.

    What does this mean for the average business owner? Simply this: no matter what your business is, you need to show Google that you are an authority on your subject matter or an expert in your field — and you have to do that in terms that Google understands.

    We understand what Google wants and help you provide that so that your business ranks higher than your competitors.

    Helping your Firm Grow through Our Secret Strategy

    Ranked among the Top 100 Online Marketers

    Search Engine

    If you're looking to become the king of search, you've come to the right place. We actively dominate Google Search for our clients.


    We provide our own security standards for our clients. There's nothing worse than having your site spammed or ruined because of the enormous onslaught of online criminals.

    We utilize our own private network for secure hosting and monitor 24/7 to ensure no breaches occur.

    SEO Secret Sauce is ranked among the Top 100 Online Marketers

    Social Media

    We provide Social Media monitoring and direction. So many marketers get it SO wrong. Social Media is about entertainment, not sales of your products and it's not about you either.

    Correctly formatted Social Media campaigns require familiarity with the ROI possibilities and develop a plan for their growth.

    Social Media connections is a HUGE backlinking opportunity if done right.

    Our Best SEO Plans & Packages that Suit You

    How to rank first in a Google search is at the top of minds for just about every business these days. And so it should be. If your business isn't on top, you're leaving money on the table.
    NOTE: Top Quality SEO takes time. If you expect to rank in 30 to 60 days we are NOT a good fit for you. Most rankings take 3 - 6+ months to achieve, longer for high competition keywords.

    60 Day Optimization

    For entry level and low-comp markets


    Get the #1 GMB SEO

    • Save $125 Instantly
    • Complete Listing Optimization
    • GMB Photos and Posts
    • Citations and Branded Accounts
    • G+ Photos and Articles
    • Press Release and My Map
    • Now w Data Aggregators
      Essential Citations and 25 More Brand Accounts

    180 Day GMB Optimization

    Highest impact for high-comp markets


    Designed to Dominate Local 3-Pack

    Save $523 Instantly
    • All 60 and 120 Day Tasks
    • GMB Site Creation
    • More Secondary Citations
    • Geo-Networks
    • Niche Networks
    • Local On-Page Optimization
    • Store Locator, Map Embed, JSON Schema

    120 Day Optimization

    Effective for mid-comp markets


    Places Map Embeds and DAS Tiers

    Save $349 Instantly
    • All 60 Day Tasks
    • GPS Listings and More Citations
    • Authority Brand Network
    • Apple Maps and Bing Set-Up
    • Rich Media and My Map Citations
    • Google Sites Authority Stack

    Results Driven Digital Marketing Strategy

    You Get High Impact Website Optimization Designed to Rank Any Keyword

    Our approach to search optimization combines strong digital branding strategies with white hat link building and outreach strategies and includes important content marketing and social media marketing, both of which have more importance in establishing long-term rankings for top industry keywords.

    Semantically Optimized On-Page – Hummingbird and Panda Safe.
    After the technical audit is complete and the site-level optimization is finished, we begin a round of advanced on-page and semantic optimization based on our findings from the audits and competitor analysis.

    We focus on using TF-IDF strategies to increase our relevancy for our targeted key phrases, all the while increasing the number of buyer intent and similar terms that our websites rank for. This results in increased online exposure and more site traffic and click thru’s.

    We cannot work on your GMB order without access to your account. The easiest method of granting this is to make us a manager of the page. To do this, log in to your account and access the Google My Business page.

    Select the hamburger menu icon in the upper left corner and select Users. Then, select the Plus icon and add our email address: [email protected], then select the plus again.


    There are two other options for allowing us the access we need to optimize your account. First, you can choose to supply our team with your Google login credentials associated with your GMB account. You may also choose to create a new Gmail account and make us a manager of the page and then provide us with access to that Gmail instead.

    Additionally, please make sure that your two-step verification is turned off, as we cannot start an order with this in place. No matter how you choose to give us access to your account, don’t forget about supplying the recovery info!




    Reasons you may not reach the Local 3-Pack: Not having an address in the city you are trying to rank for (Local Maps reward local businesses), Not ranking high enough organically in blended algorithm maps results (Rank = Prominence), Previous spammy link building to your business G+/GMB listing (Don’t spam Google!!), Multiple Businesses with similar names, associations, owners, or addresses in close proximity.

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