Bulk Review Management on GMB & How to Use It


I just came across an exciting piece of news for LOCAL Marketers, and I thought I’d share it with my tribe!

Google My Business has finally added the ability to see all reviews across multiple listings on a single page.

With the addition of this new feature, Local Consultants now have an easy and effective way of managing reviews for multiple listings at once.

This is perfect if you’re working with multiple clients and you’re having trouble keeping up with the review management.

Instead of jumping from listing to listing, you can do all the review management from one place!

You can now view, reply and flag reviews for multiple listings from within the Reviews section at https://business.google.com/reviews.

But keep in mind that this is only available in location groups with 500 or fewer location, and it’s not enabled for organization accounts.

How to access this new feature?

Log-into your Google My Business account, click on the action menu on the right and click on the Manage Reviews tab.

Google My Business Platform

Why should you care?

Because this feature will become absolutely essential for those wanting to manage more than one location or listing…

It allows you to see all reviews under your Google My Business account, so you no longer need to click into each individual listing to view it’s reviews.

It’s a huuge time-saver and will allow you to find and report important reviews sooner!

With this in mind, start taking full advantage of this new GMB feature and scale your business even more!