Voice Search Optimization FAQs

Voice Search Results

What is voice search optimization?

Voice search optimization is the process of improving your voice search results. The process involves answering two main questions. 1. How will a device determine those sources they return in response to a search query? 2. Where will clicks come from? If a search is performed without typing, will interacting with search results happen without clicking/tapping?

How is voice search different than text search?

Voice search relies heavily on the device it is performed from. In this respect, voice search is very different from text search. When it comes to voice search, your device often picks to serve what it wants, for example, on an Android device, you will often hear a featured snippet read in response to a search query. If you voice-search using Siri (Apple), she will skip the featured snippet and start with the top organic result.

How can I improve my business’s voice search optimization?

Improve voice search optimization by researching popular questions to better understand what your target audience wants to know or struggles to solve, providing clear and concise answers to these questions, and improving page loading speed.

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